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The Trans Lobby Decides to Cancel English

The Grind:
While much of the attention surrounding the transgender fad is focused on the ways in which people are destroying their bodies with gender-bending hormones and surgeries, few are paying attention to how the English language is being systematically butchered with the bastardization of “gender pronouns.”

Over the past several years, it has suddenly been “normal” to call oneself a “they” or a “them,” which are grammatically incorrect plural pronouns used to describe multiple people. Other made-up words like “ze” and “zim” have also been added to the LGBTQ lexicon, even though they hold no actual meaning and are basically a fake language.

The Details:
All of this used to be more of a subcultural thing, but has now grown like a cancer into just another “cultural expression.” Left-wing publications VICE and Teen Vogue actually put together what they call “A Guide to Primary Care for Transgender Patients” that seeks to normalize the trend even more by forcing it onto the medical field.

Published for The Paper Gown, this guide aims to connect transgenders to doctors who will “affirm” their preferred “gender pronouns,” even if they make no sense whatsoever and defy every tenet of sound science. Perhaps even more important to trans people than getting their hormones and surgeries is being taken seriously as far as others using the “correct” gender pronoun when speaking to them.

“As you might have guessed, ‘trans-affirming doctors’ are doctors who know ‘the vocabulary to properly discuss their gender identity,'” writes Jonathon Van Maren for Life Site News. “As the trans culture wars increasingly play out on the battlefield of language, how one speaks is of the essence.” Read more…

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