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Trump Was Right About America’s Airports

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The Grind:
America isn’t the country it used to be, and deep down, everyone knows it. Every day, bit by bit, America is becoming more unfree, more decrepit, and more miserable. Day to day, the rot may sometimes be hard to notice. Your neighborhood or your town may be holding together or even improving, while the country slowly slides into ruin…

There is a reason that President Donald Trump singled out “third-world” airports as especially emblematic of American decline. One might even say that flying through O’Hare or LaGuardia is the best way to discover that the U.S. is now a “sh*thole country.”

The Details:
The TSA spent $39 million on explosive-detecting machines that didn’t work. It spent $122 million on imaging machines that were trivially easy to evade. Just like America’s military, where James Mattis was bamboozled by Theranos’s blood-testing scam, the TSA squanders vast sums on dubious technology while faltering on matters that require no technology at all.

Thirdly, the TSA doesn’t even work. The agency has suffered tens of thousands of security breaches in its short lifespan. When the DHS put the TSA to the test, they found that they were able to smuggle bombs and guns onto planes 95 percent of the time. The main factor preventing future cases of air terrorism isn’t the TSA, but a general shortage of suicidal terrorists (and the popularity of simpler attack strategies, like mass shootings or truck attacks).

All of the above failures of the TSA are already well-known to the American public. But there’s a more basic, fundamental way the TSA embodies American decline, which is rarely discussed: The TSA gathers the least-valuable, least trustworthy, lowest-functioning Americans on this side of the prison system and places them into positions of authority….

One of the defining features of modern American misery is anarcho-tyranny. Anarcho-tyranny is the dehumanizing state of affairs whereby the state refuses to stop violent crime, yet still vigorously enforces even the most unjust and petty laws against ordinary people. Anarcho-tyranny is why downtown D.C. was abandoned to a rioting horde last summer, most of whom will never be brought to justice, yet the largest manhunt in history seeks every person who walked into the Capitol on January 6. Anarcho-tyranny is why St. Louis only made an arrest in 29 percent of murders last year, but still brought felony charges against the McCloskeys for simply holding guns in the face of a braying mob.

But not all anarcho-tyranny involves violent crime, and the airport experience shows why. Read more…

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