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Tucker Carlson Airs a Modern Heroine

The Grind:
Tucker Carlson opened his Fox News show on Tuesday night covering how the popular social media account Libs of TikTok got doxxed by The Washington Post. The account creator joined Tucker by phone to discuss having her identity revealed by tech journalist Taylor Lorenz earlier that day and how that report has affected her life.

The Details:
“These past few days have been very chaotic and overwhelming,” she told the Fox News host. “I had to make some travel plans really fast.”

“I’m now in a location where I don’t think anyone would find me,” the Libs of TikTok creator continued, echoing a tweet she put out earlier on Tuesday saying she was “holed up in a safe location” and thankful for the support of all her fans and followers.

During her conversation with Carlson, the social media sensation also mentioned she was not intimidated and wasn’t planning to stop posting on the account because of the WaPo article. Even since the report was published, the account has been very active. Read more…

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