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Virginia Tech: “Whites Can’t Experience Racism”

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The Grind:
A student at Virginia Tech University was told by a teaching assistant that “White people cannot experience racism” when asked why she received a low grade on her final paper.

The Details:
Students in the Nations and Nationalities class at Virginia Tech were asked to complete a paper describing a hate group from the Southern Poverty Law Center’s list, and analyze how that group justifies its worldview, according to Alyssa Jones, a student in the class.

Jones is also the president of the Virginia Tech University Turning Point USA chapter and a campus ambassador for The Leadership Institute, the parent organization of Campus Reform.

Jones told Campus Reform that she decided to pick “the New Black Panther Party with the focus of the essay being on separatism.” According to the SPLC, the NBPP has “encouraged violence against Whites, Jews and law enforcement officers.”

When Jones received back her paper, she was surprised by the grade she received and emailed Sabrina Harris, the graduate teaching assistant for the class, to ask why she was given this grade.

Harris responded by telling Jones that there were problems with her view of racism when it comes to White people. Read more…

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