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Watch Tucker Take the Woke CIA to the Woodshed

The Grind:
Last week, perhaps the most absurd government ad ever released made its debut. It was from the CIA, and it hit all the left-wing notes, proclaiming a new woke-ness being brought to the agency (see This CIA Recruitment Ad May Be the Wildest Festival of Crazy You’ve Ever Seen). Buzzwords like “intersectional” and proclamations of having anxiety disorder populate the video, which I guess is supposed to serve as some kind of recruitment tool.

When I first saw the ad, I knew Tucker Carlson, who is no fan of the CIA, was going to take the agency to the woodshed at some point over it. Well, that’s happened, and the result is an absolutely hilarious monologue that manages to call out the absurdity while also giving credence to how serious this stupidity actually is. You can see that video here…

The Details:
Behold, the world’s greatest intelligence agency reduced to imitating cheap parody. As Tucker points out, this is a video you’d be forgiven for thinking came from The Babylon Bee. It’s that ridiculous, with this “cisgender” woman noting she’s not there to check boxes while at the same time checking every box to pronounce how intersectional she is. Apparently, her anxiety disorder is her strength or something?

What exactly does any of this have to do with actually protecting the country? If you can answer that question, you should be up for some kind of award, preferably with a large cash prize.

Tucker moves from the absurdity of the video itself to talking about the CIA’s newfound obsession with “white supremacy…” Read more…

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