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Colorado Dems Embrace Radicalism: Open Marxist for State House

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The Grind:
The recent selection of Tim Hernández, an avowed Marxist, to fill a vacant state House seat in Colorado is a telling sign of the direction the Democratic Party is taking. Hernández’s unapologetic embrace of radical ideologies, his promotion of a “FORCEFUL Cultural Revolution,” and his open disdain for “Whiteness” reveal a disturbing trend that deserves serious consideration. As a schoolteacher, Hernández has been shaping young minds with his extremist views, raising concerns about the potential consequences of his teachings.

Despite displaying signs in his classroom that read “Black Lives Matter” and “Dismantle White systems,” Hernández managed to retain his job at Aurora West Preparatory Academy in the Aurora Public Schools District. His fervent leftist views, which matched the prevailing sentiments in the heavily leftist area, likely played a role in his continued employment. Hernández’s involvement in protests and his focus on Marxist theories in his classroom only further emphasize his radical inclinations.

The Details:
Hernández’s own words shed light on his radicalism. At a protest, he emphasized the importance of action over theoretical discussions, urging his audience to take to the streets, workplaces, and families to bring about the revolution he envisions. He even recommended showing the movie “A Bug’s Life” to students, followed by a lesson on “proletariat revolution,” demonstrating his intent to indoctrinate the younger generation with Marxist ideology.

His social media activity is equally concerning, as Hernández openly advocates for a “FORCEFUL cultural revolution” aimed at dismantling “individual and systemic White supremacy.” This fervor for disruption is fueled by a distorted narrative of systemic white supremacy in the United States, echoing the same type of propaganda used by authoritarian regimes to justify their actions. The fact that Hernández was chosen to fill a state House seat within the Democratic Party’s mainstream reveals a worrying alignment with such radical ideologies.

The case of Tim Hernández underscores the dangerous direction some elements within the Democratic Party are embracing. His elevation to a position of influence serves as a stark reminder of the ideological battles taking place within American politics. As the nation grapples with its own historical complexities, it is crucial to ensure that elected representatives uphold the values that have defined the country, rather than promote radical ideologies that could lead to further division and upheaval.

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