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Explosive Revelation: Ex-Partner to Expose Biden’s Involvement

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The Grind:
Devon Archer, Hunter Biden’s former best friend and business partner, is set to testify before the House Oversight Committee, and his revelations are expected to shed light on Joe Biden’s involvement in his son’s overseas business dealings. According to reports from the New York Post, Archer will testify that Hunter would often include his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, in meetings with foreign business partners, either in person or via speakerphone. This testimony contradicts Joe Biden’s long-standing denials of any involvement in Hunter’s business affairs.

The upcoming testimony from Archer adds to the mounting evidence suggesting that Joe Biden was not only aware of but actively engaged in Hunter’s business ventures. One notable instance was a meeting in Dubai, where Hunter was receiving substantial payments from the Ukrainian energy company Burisma. After a board meeting, Archer and Hunter went to a bar, where they were urgently contacted by a Burisma executive who wanted to speak with Hunter. Hunter then called his father, put him on speakerphone, and introduced him to the Ukrainian executives, implying that they needed the Biden’s support.

The Details:
This call took place just before Joe Biden traveled to Kyiv to address the Ukrainian parliament, while the Ukrainian Prosecutor General was investigating Burisma for corruption. Shortly after, Joe Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion in aid to Ukraine unless the prosecutor was fired, which eventually happened. Another former business partner of Hunter’s, Tony Bobulinski, has also confirmed that Hunter would include his father in phone calls during business meetings.

These testimonies indicate a level of involvement by Joe Biden in Hunter’s business dealings that contradicts his previous statements denying any knowledge of or involvement in his son’s ventures. The American people are beginning to grasp the extent of Joe Biden’s role in the Biden family’s global influence-peddling, which some liken to a chairman’s role in a traditional business structure. As the House Oversight Committee hearings unfold, conservatives are eager to see how the mainstream media will cover this significant revelation and how it might impact Joe Biden’s political future. The mounting evidence raises concerns about the ethics and transparency of the Biden family’s activities, and conservatives are closely watching how this narrative unfolds.

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