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Exposed: Left’s Election Litigation Racket Exploiting Democracy for Profit!

The Grind:
In April, the Democratic Party made a significant announcement that it would sever ties with its long-standing lawyer, Marc Elias. Recent revelations help shed light on the reasons behind this decision. It seems that the Democratic Party grew weary of Elias’ repeated failures, as his approach often “backfired,” according to Axios.

Marc Elias’ persistent pursuit of lawsuits aimed at undermining election safeguards, including measures like voter ID, secure drop boxes, and signature matching, has little to do with genuine concern for democracy. Instead, it appears to be more of a “business strategy” that has generated substantial revenue, around $20 million, from just two clients during the 2020 election. These lawsuits, often generating sensational headlines, are primarily designed to line Elias’ pockets while creating a narrative of Republican wrongdoings.

Elias’ activities have not waned. Backed by a partisan Wisconsin Supreme Court, his law firm is currently involved in litigation to dismantle Wisconsin’s mail-in voting safeguards. Despite the frivolous nature of the claims, Elias is funded by one of the most secretive dark-money groups of recent times. This raises questions about his true motivations and whether his actions genuinely serve democracy.

The Details:
The lawsuits launched by the left, including Elias, are not merely misguided; they are damaging to the fabric of our democratic institutions. These litigious endeavors compromise election integrity, potentially opening the door to manipulation and errors. These legal actions perpetuate a narrative that unfairly portrays states as governed by racist officials, further eroding trust. They also deny citizens the popular electoral safeguards they insist are necessary to ensure confidence in the election process.

Contrary to the left’s claims of combating voter suppression, studies consistently show that election integrity laws have minimal impact on voter turnout. Nonetheless, the left’s legal arguments often lack substance, attempting to portray even simple measures like obtaining a free ID card as insurmountable obstacles. While the left dismisses the need for election safeguards due to the rarity of fraud, misconduct, and errors, these instances can have widespread consequences.

The reality is that election problems are not as rare as some may claim. Instances of fraud, misconduct, or error have the potential to undermine trust and disenfranchise citizens. Trust and confidence are vital to the functioning of democratic governance. Elections tainted by doubt and distrust are unable to produce reliable democratic results. As a consequence, even isolated incidents of fraud or error can corrode citizens’ faith in their elections.

In this context, it’s clear that the left’s legal efforts, driven by partisan motives and monetary gains, are detrimental to our democratic system. To maintain the integrity of American elections, it’s essential to foster an environment of trust and confidence, ensuring that citizens’ voices are heard accurately and fairly. The time has come to recognize these actions for what they are and to prioritize the genuine well-being of our democratic processes over political maneuvering.

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