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Heroic Sentinel Braces Storm! Unbelievable Tomb of Unknown Soldier!

The Grind:
Last Friday, a short yet intense thunderstorm swept through Washington, D.C., leaving a trail of damage in various parts of the nation’s capital due to its powerful winds and heavy rainfall.

Amidst the storm’s fury, a remarkable display of dedication and commitment came from the U.S. Army Sentinels stationed across the Potomac River at Arlington National Cemetery. These Sentinels, responsible for guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier around the clock, proved their unwavering mission once again. A video captured by a witness at the cemetery during the storm showed a Sentinel undeterred by the downpour, continuing to walk their post with unwavering determination.

The Details:
The dedication of these Sentinels garnered praise and admiration from onlookers. Arlington National Cemetery expressed its immense pride in The Old Guard Soldiers, applauding their vigilance in the face of adversity. As the DC region experienced winds reaching 60-85 mph, the Sentinel’s resolute stance exemplified their commitment to honoring the unknown heroes buried at the Tomb.

Due to the aftermath of the storm, Arlington National Cemetery remains closed to visitors as of Monday. However, despite the closure, the cemetery’s essential function of conducting funerals continues. The decision to keep the grounds closed to the public allows the work crews ample time to clear the damage caused by the powerful storm, ensuring that the final resting place of the nation’s heroes remains pristine and dignified.

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