Is Hunter Biden Running the Welfare State?

Ground Nice and Fine

The Grind:
Even as the Biden administration insists that despite media reports to the contrary, it will not provide crack pipes to drug users as part of a “harm reduction” program, two Republican legislators are proposing legislation to ensure that’s the case.

The Details:
Reps. Lauren Boebert of Colorado and Dan Bishop of North Carolina introduced the Halting the Use of Narcotics Through Effective Recovery Act.

The HUNTER Act is a not-so-subtle reference to Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden whose drug addiction was a dark and well-documented chapter in the family history.

The Biden administration opened the door for the HUNTER Act when it rolled out a $30 million program to make sure drug addicts do not harm themselves. In addition to condoms, syringes and fentanyl strips, so-called “smoking kits” will reportedly be distributed to drug users through the program.

The Biden administration has said that claim is incorrect, but Bishop is not buying it. Read more…

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