Lindsey Graham: Possible Ballot Harvesting in Pennsylvania Involving 25,000 Nursing Home Residents

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The Grind:
Sen. Lindsey Graham said on Monday he has learned about potential ballot harvesting in Pennsylvania nursing homes.

The chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee revealed that there were up to 25,000 cases that are being looked at as Pennsylvania remains a state President Trump’s team hopes to turn its way after major media outlets called it for his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, giving him enough electoral votes to secure the presidency.

The Details:
“I’ve got more information. We’re now finding potentially that 25,000 nursing home residents in different nursing homes requested mail-in ballots at the exact same time,” the South Carolina Republican said on Fox News.

“You can’t ballot harvest in Pennsylvania,” Graham added. “What are the odds that 25,000 people in different locations of the same age group requested at the same time a ballot? Somebody is up to no good in these nursing homes.”

Graham did not present any evidence, but he did allude to critics of Trump for refusing to concede the election as he awaits legal challenges and recounts to play out. Read more…

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