Shocking: Christian Coach Fired Over Biological Truth

The Grind:
A former high school snowboarding coach, David Bloch, filed a federal lawsuit alleging that his First Amendment rights were violated when he was fired for expressing his views on transgender-identifying athletes. The lawsuit, filed by Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), seeks Bloch’s immediate reinstatement through a motion for preliminary injunction.

According to the complaint, during a waiting period before a competition, Bloch overheard a conversation between two of his student-athletes and joined in. He expressed the view that males and females have different biological characteristics, which can lead to competitive advantages in athletic events. Despite the conversation being respectful and brief, Bloch was terminated the next day by the Windsor Central Supervisory Union Superintendent for allegedly violating harassment, hazing, and bullying policies.

The Details:
The lawsuit argues that the school district’s policies and a related policy from the Vermont Principals’ Association censor protected speech, as they contain content and viewpoint discriminatory definitions of harassment. Bloch, a practicing Roman Catholic, believes that God creates males and females with immutable sex and that there are only two sexes, male and female, determined by a person’s chromosomes.

The complaint highlights that a majority of Americans agree with the belief that transgender-identifying athletes should compete in sports teams that align with their birth gender, as revealed in Gallup and Pew Research Center surveys. Despite this, elites and the corporate press attempt to stifle such views, pushing a different narrative.

The lawsuit portrays the situation as an example of those demanding adherence to science when it suits their agenda but silencing dissenting views on certain topics. It calls out these actors as liars and propagandists who prioritize their political agenda over the protection of constitutional rights.

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