Trump’s Genius Idea: Dump Puerto Rico for Greenland

The Grind:
Former President Trump suggested to his aides that the United States could trade Puerto Rico to Denmark for Greenland while he was president, according to a new book from two reporters.

The Details:
The New York Times journalist Peter Baker and The New Yorker magazine journalist Susan Glasser revealed in their book, “The Divider: Trump in the White House, 2017-2021,” that Trump’s plan to buy Greenland came from Ronald Lauder, a New York cosmetics heir who had known Trump since college…

John Bolton, who was serving as national security adviser at the time, directed his aide Fiona Hill to form a team to consider ideas to acquire Greenland, Baker reported. Bolton believed increasing U.S. presence in Greenland made sense to oppose Chinese influence in the Arctic region, but buying it outright was not feasible.

Trump continued to press for acquiring the island, the world’s largest, suggesting that the U.S. take federal money away from Puerto Rico to buy Greenland or trade the two islands. Read more…

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