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Tucker Carlson Drops Bombshell: Shocking 2024 Prediction Unveiled

The Source of Many a Spit-Take: The Daily Grind!

The Grind:

In the recent installment of Tucker on Twitter, conservative commentator Tucker Carlson made an intriguing prediction regarding the upcoming 2024 election. Carlson highlighted the release of WhatsApp messages between Hunter Biden and his Chinese business partner, which he argued demonstrated Joe Biden’s involvement, or at least knowledge, of his son’s influence-peddling endeavors. Carlson referred to these messages as a “smoking gun” that, under normal circumstances, would have severely damaged a president’s reputation and halted their chances of running for office again. However, he noted that the mainstream media staunchly defends Biden, resulting in the messages having little impact.

Carlson drew attention to what he perceived as Joe Biden’s pro-war authoritarian tendencies, evident through the COVID-19 pandemic and the conflict in Ukraine. He claimed that emergencies like pandemics and wars provide an opportunity for those in power to exhibit dictatorial behavior under the guise of “democracy.” According to Carlson, this has led to institutions going to great lengths to protect Biden’s position.

The Details:

Expanding on his point, Carlson suggested that individuals like Susan Rice have significant control over Joe Biden, enabling them to run the government, shape policies, and draft press releases while ensuring Biden remains the public face. However, Carlson raised concerns about Biden’s declining mental health, stating that his cognitive decline was easier to conceal during the pandemic but has become increasingly evident and cannot be ignored. He predicted that within a year or two, Biden’s mental condition would deteriorate to the point where it would be impossible to conceal, creating a succession problem for the Democratic Party.

Addressing the potential scenario of Biden’s reelection followed by his departure due to disability or death, Carlson expressed skepticism about Kamala Harris assuming the presidency. He contended that nobody, including her husband, desires her presidency, suggesting a need for a different candidate. Carlson speculated that someone meeting specific criteria of being as shallow, ruthless, and transactional as Biden, along with exceptional flattery skills, would emerge as a replacement. In Carlson’s theory, Gavin Newsom, the governor of California and Biden’s close confidant, fits this description perfectly.

Carlson supported his theory by pointing out Newsom’s apparent aspirations for national office and his establishment of a network that could easily transition into a presidential campaign. Drawing attention to Newsom’s connection to Biden, Carlson insinuated a potential succession plan within the Democratic Party, identifying Newsom as a potential leader in such a scenario.

While Carlson acknowledged that his speculation was based on guesswork, he presented an intriguing perspective on the future of the Democratic Party and the potential challenges they may face in maintaining their grip on power if Biden’s mental decline continues.

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