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Florida’s Shocking Crackdown on Profiting from Illegal Aliens

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The Grind:
Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida has recently signed several bills into law, designed to enhance safety and security for all residents of the state, including both citizens and legal immigrants. These bills, which went into effect over the weekend, demonstrate a commitment to upholding law and order and prioritizing the interests of America, specifically Florida. Among the notable laws is SB 1718, “An act relating to immigration,” which brings much-needed common-sense and respect for the rule of law back to our nation’s standards.

SB 1718 introduces measures that hold employers accountable for hiring illegal immigrants. It mandates the use of E-Verify to verify employees’ eligibility and imposes fines of $1,000 per day for employers who fail to comply. The law also suspends licenses of employers who knowingly employ unauthorized immigrants and classifies using a fake ID for employment purposes as a felony. These provisions reinforce the importance of immigration laws and ensure that employers are not exploiting the system or taking advantage of vulnerable individuals.

The Details:
Additionally, the new law strengthens penalties for human smuggling, with severe consequences for those involved in transporting illegal immigrants. By making the transportation of multiple unauthorized immigrants or a single minor a second-degree felony, SB 1718 aims to deter human smuggling and protect individuals from exploitation. The law allocates $12 million to continue the Unauthorized Alien Transport Program, emphasizing the state’s commitment to addressing this issue.

To maintain integrity in identification processes, the law prohibits local governments and NGOs from issuing identification documents to illegal immigrants. It also invalidates out-of-state driver’s licenses issued exclusively to unauthorized immigrants. These measures ensure that official identification remains reserved for those who have followed the proper legal procedures.

Contrary to the Left’s reaction, the primary focus of Florida’s new law is not punishing illegal immigrants but rather holding accountable those who profit from their exploitation. It is essential to emphasize this distinction and recognize that enforcing immigration laws promotes fairness and protects the rights of all individuals, including legal immigrants.

While some critics claim these measures may cause short-term labor shortages or impact certain industries, Florida’s economy will ultimately adapt and adjust. The state has a rich history of attracting American immigrants, ensuring a resilient workforce. As the market adjusts, Florida workers will likely receive better wages, and the state may experience reductions in criminal activities, drug-related issues, and uninsured medical and property damage costs. Moreover, implementing such laws contributes to ensuring the integrity and security of our elections.

The opposition from the Left against these sensible policies is predictable, as they understand that the positive outcomes resulting from such laws threaten their narrative. When voters witness the actual positive effects and realize the falsehoods propagated by Democrats, it undermines their power and exposes their dishonesty. Therefore, expect a flurry of criticism and resistance from the Left as SB 1718 takes effect, but let us remain steadfast in our commitment to upholding the rule of law and safeguarding our nation’s interests.

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