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Shocking Discrimination: Lefties Refuse Service to Trump Supporters

Ground to Perfection...

The Grind:
The Supreme Court’s decision in 303 Creative v. Elenis has ignited a fierce debate, depending on one’s perspective. Some view it as a significant moment in American jurisprudence, while others consider it a day of infamy. Allegations have surfaced in the mainstream media that a piece of evidence presented by both sides may have been falsified, and there are even rumors of attorneys facing disbarment over the matter. It’s astonishing how quickly these developments unfolded.

Even before these controversies arose, leftists wasted no time expressing their outrage and claiming that the ruling granted them the right to refuse service to conservatives, particularly Trump supporters. CBS reported that actor Michael Imperioli, known for his roles in The Sopranos, Goodfellas, and White Lotus, declared that bigots and homophobes were not allowed to watch his work. He thanked the Supreme Court for allegedly allowing him to discriminate against those he disagrees with. However, The Sopranos, despite its acclaim, was a violent portrayal of a dysfunctional family worsened by the involvement of organized crime. The absence of The Sopranos in our lives will not be detrimental; we will move on.

The Details:
Following this narrative, some left-leaning business owners have posted signs at their establishments informing conservatives, Trump supporters, and others that they are not welcome and should take their business elsewhere. However, their hopes of instilling fear, panic, and regret did not materialize. Many individuals shared their stories, such as an Episcopal Church aspirant who was denied ordination due to being a straight, white man. Initially disheartened, he realized that fitting in with an institution that rejected him was unnecessary and chose to take his faith elsewhere. Others expressed their commitment to not patronizing businesses that discriminate based on race, religion, national origin, or sexual orientation.

The essence of 303 Creative v. Elenis was not about refusing service but about forcing individuals to endorse beliefs they may oppose. Without this ruling, a neo-Nazi group could demand a swastika-shaped cake from a Jewish bakery, the Westboro Baptist Church could request a gay web designer to create their website, and a church could approach a gay bakery for a cake that reads “God Made Adam and Eve, Not Adam and Steve.” In each case, the business owner would be legally compelled to comply, regardless of their conscience or beliefs.

However, the Left disregards these concerns. For them, the law is a weapon, not a means of equality. They believe the law is exclusively theirs, designed to affirm and enforce their feelings and agenda. So, if they wish to ban Trump supporters, conservatives, Christians, or anyone else who offends their delicate sensibilities, let them. Let them pat each other on the back for their outbursts. And let them suffer the consequences, including financial ruin.

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